Wedding Photography Poses

Go though the album of any couple you know and you’ll notice the poses they took on their wedding day. These candid moments seem to be pre-defined and yet look distinct. You’ll notice that a lot of emphasis is laid on finding the ideal wedding venue, photographer, florist and planner yet little is talked about the poses.

A little spontaneity depicts real emotion

Some people are of the school of thought that a predefined pose gives false impression. To some extent, there is a ring of truth here; the photographer tells you to smile, counts down and snap, takes a photo. A picture that captures a candid moment like say when you’re whispering to a cousin or hugging an auntie yields a much more honest expression. As the bride or bridegroom, you shouldn’t be concerned about this; you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer for this.

The checklist

It may sound old school but you should have a wedding pose checklist for all those splendid moments. These can be sub-categorized into poses for bride and groom, the wedding party, the couple’s families as well as those with friends/ colleagues.

  1. The Bride’s and groom’s photos – should include a photo of the two together, the bride walking down the aisle, the two exchanging vows, putting on the rings, kissing, cutting cake, dancing and leaving the wedding reception.
  2. The wedding party – poses in this case include that of the bride with her maid of honor, that of the groom with the best man, one with the bride, groom, maid of honor and groomsmen as well as another where they are pose with the flower girl(s) and ring bearer.
  3. The family – here all family members of the bride and her groom pose.
  4. Friends and colleagues also have a moment with the bride and bride groom

Basic tips for the day

Hiring a professional wedding photographer to handle the photography and videography takes a lot off your shoulders. Nonetheless, you must have a say on the proceedings. Did you know that should take photos with the little ones first? Children have a very short attention span so taking photos with them early allows them to roam around later. Never force them to smile as doing so only makes the pictures look unnatural.

There are many professional photographers capable of marshaling weddings in Texas; find time to shortlist a few and if your budget is accommodative enough, you can even get two to work for you – you’ll love the photos.

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